Are you saving money for retirement or an intermediate goal?  How are your savings being protected against the ravages of inflation?  Are your savings invested specifically for your financial well being or for the interests of the big banks? How does your short term and long term risk tolerance different from one another? What is the effect of taxation on your long term savings plan? Is anyone helping you with these important  investing questions?  

Insurance & Estate Planning

Life insurance plays a vital role in estate planning, including preserving the value of your estate, providing financially for dependents or a surviving spouse, and ensuring money is available to pay for any taxes, fees, or other outstanding debts upon death.  Let us navigate the complexities of the ever evolving Canadian insurance industry. 

Tax Strategies 

If you own a small business, you can create retirement plans that take advantage of tax deferral rules to maximize tax savings now and retirement savings later. Instead of trying to tackle the ins and outs of setting up a retirement plan yourself, consult with a professional. There are so many different options -- RRSP's,  IPP's, IRA's -- it’s worth having a seasoned expert to help you navigate the system and choose an ideal option that serves your business and personal financial health. 

Business Services

Whether you're a small business or a graduating professional, let us help you organize your affairs.  Start immediately to get your affairs in order.  We'll help you decide on sole proprietorship, federal or  provincial  incorporation, small business,  professional incorporation or holding company.  Let us show you how and be your guide.  



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Mutual funds and exempt securities are sold through Portfolio Strategies Corporation. Other products and services are provided through Delta Creek Financial Advisors.