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Pay off student loans or invest? The answer might surprise you

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Charles Kuno has made some practical choices in his life. In high school, he enrolled in a special business and technology program. He then opted for the accounting and financial management program at the University of Waterloo – an academic path with good career prospects.

And for the first year after graduation, he lived at home. Despite the rational approach, Mr. Kuno is dealing with a sizable amount of student debt. He is continuing his practical approach when it comes to paying off the loan. For the time being, he is doing all he can to pay off his debt – and waiting to get started making investments.

However, in this case, his practicality might be overly cautious. Many financial experts say that for most people it makes sense to dip a toe into the investing world, even while still dealing with student debt.

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